What we do

Our proprietary SCALE system draws on digital marketing techniques from other industries, combines them with behavioural economics, and adds a dash of artistic flair.

We create marketing 'perpetual motion' machines, where each sale pays for the next piece of marketing, enabling theoretically unlimited growth.  

We recognise that 21st century audiences have almost unlimited entertainment options. To be worthy of their attention, we and our artists' teams need to work harder than we did in the past to provide value; there's no room for ego.    

SCALE was originally developed for our sister operation Poseidon Music for its work developing artists, however it's applicable to all arts.  Our recent work in the US immersive movie sector is setting the standard for the industry and helping revitalise a large chain of venues.

Build large audiences

... without a million dollar starting budget.

We have built genuine, passionate fanbases in 25 countries and counting. 

Drive chart positions

Precision control of record (or book, or ticket) chart positions.

We control information and people flow to drive projects to chart on cue, to meet strategic objectives.

Sell out live shows

... again, and again, and again.

Artists are freed from gruelling tours, playing to empty rooms in an attempt to build audiences— instead they can build their audience before they tour,  and arrive to full houses.

Ticket sales we drove in 2019
Times we've got records to number 1
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Risk management

Much as everyone would love a viral hit, in reality — and for reliable, repeatable results — eyeballs aren't free.

Further, independent artists or production companies can't afford the 1:10 hit-rate that's been common in the arts industry.  

To reach people reliably, we need to spend money. However, indie budgets are small, so how do we make a meaningful mark? 

By creating perpetual motion marketing machines to exponentially build spend using feedback loops.

At the heart of SCALE is a unique approach to risk management which enables us to reach major label spend-levels from an indie budget, levelling the playing field.

If a project is measurably worthy of people's attention, we can get it to them. 

Unparalleled customer service

If we are spreading information en-masse, there will be questions, there will be haters, there will be spam.

Handling these well is crucial to the feedback loops driving our perpetual motion machines.

So, we have built an amazing arts-focussed customer service team, spread across the globe to maximise timezone coverage.   

Seriously, they are amazing.

Meet the team

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